We actively support our community. Our projects include:
  • A sailing school for kids with easy to use Opti sailboats
  • Supporting a computer lab at a local school
  • Building low income houses in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity
  • Working with "La Reserva" to preserve local rainforest

Working for the community

There are many people of good will who want to do better for the environment and who envision a man-built world in balance with the natural world. Our community is one where we humans continue to reign supreme in nature, where continual advancement in quality-of-life and daily convenience remains, a matter of fact.

One can live well by living smart, carefully choosing your community and making the investment in a green home is a good start. Continue with an evaluation every means we have at our disposal to satisfy our lifestyles and literally dispose of the dumb ones; simple almost hidden things like using rechargeable batteries rather than disposables in the TV remote, to the very obvious ones like eating fresh, organic, locally grown vegetables and meats.

We compound individual lifestyle improvements when we share high-end  physical infrastructure; cold and hot pools, tennis courts, marina, food gardens, and most importantly staff.  We can all have maids, chef’s, gardeners, secretaries, maintenance and security workers on-call, at almost any time.

High standards require high efforts, knowledge and expertise, and long-term follow-through. Our aim is creating a more interesting physical community with diverse opportunities and easy access to cultural, recreational, and outdoor experiences that will bring us together as a community in the broadest sense. Our community goal of being green is one our children and friends just might want for themselves, and in doing so, they will help themselves and us in stepping-up our lifestyle and theirs.

  • Protect resources quality and availability.
  • Protect wildlife habitat and diversity.
  • Reduce & share infrastructure construction costs.
  • Reduce & share maintenance costs.
  • Increase and share green space, luxury appointments and staff.
  • Increase accessibility to sport, knowledge and entertainment.

The Residents

While it would be ungenerous to paint all residents with the same brush, it does appear those most interested in this sustainable home development are persons, who have had successful business careers and are seeking to make a change in their lifestyle. Their investment in a green home and this burgeoning sustainable community is not so much made with the purpose of creating more wealth for themselves or even to make a difference environmentally or socially, but rather to fund an improvement in lifestyle. A second category, albeit smaller in numbers, are those who are passionate about conservation, social responsibility, and recognize that attainment of sustainability is within the context of a group effort.

Interestingly both types recognize the personal benefits of access to resort facilities and the menu of services supporting lifestyle and asset protection, which membership in our community and the homeowner’s association brings to each and every one of us.

Worker Education

Education and increasing hands on skills for employees is a benefit to our community, and the community where the employee resides. Additionally education and know how is a profitable and sound business practice of the Hotel Tilawa, VolcanoBrew Pub, Pacific Rim builders, La Vista Restaurant and b-green.org. Simply put we invest in our workers education and receive the benefits of increased productivity, error minimization, and heightened employee loyalty and great teem spirit!