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Jean Paul Cazedessus, Lake Arenal Costa Rica Resident since 1989, loving husband, proud father: 4 biological children and adoptive father of two.

Manegment experience:

I have owend and operated hotel Tilawa, its restaurant and marina for over 16 years. I know Costa Rica Labor and my clients! Owner founder Pacific Rim Builders, Hotel Tilawa, Volcano Brew Co. and first resdent of b-green.org sustainable homes development.

Building experience:

Life long builder, I have also lived in a Mike Reynolds Earth ship in Taos, built for innovative inventor Architect William Minginbach (one of Buckminster fullers mathematicians). Worked with poured pumice builder Scot McCarty on the first FHA financed poured pumice home, presented construction patents before Swiss Intellectual Property offce, built for habitats for humanity, and many other low income family homes as well as hi end homes in CR.

Hobbies/free time pursuit:

Former ski instructor, (Taos New Mex) avid kitebording and windsurf instructor, inventor, want to be glider pilot and beer brewer.