Where to find us

b-green sustainable development is located on its own 44,800 sq meters (eleven acres) of gentle rolling hillside farm and jungle at an elevation of 550m above sea level (1500 ft) with an almost perfect climate. All homes overlook the lush jungle of Western Lake Arenal, with lake and volcano views. Adjoining the b-green Sustainable Community and its residents' home sites are over 100 acres of Hotel Tilawa and Costa Rican Government land.

Just ten minutes walk down to the lakeshore at the Tilawa Marina and ten minutes drive from Tilaran; the cleanest town in Costa Rica, and with the Liberia International Airport, just an hour and fifteen minutes further North on the Pan-American highway.

Nearby Attractions

A family and nature lovers favourite, the 9-mile float trip on Rio Corbici. See many of the three hundred species of birds already sighted. Also stop in at Las Pumas big cat sanctuary (rescue not a zoo) surely to be the only Jaguar you’ll see!

If you are an adventures person wanting to see the tropical canopy up close, take a zip-line ride, today. Enjoy 9 platforms hung in the virgin jungle, with the experts, who take care of every safety aspect. For adults and children every day at 9:am and 2:00 pm.

Feel the energy of Nature and take a swim, the Vento Fresco (fresh Breeze) waterfalls, has an 80 m cascade. This jewel of the area is not to be missed! Also available on site a horseback riding, and beautiful western views, rainbows, Tico family owned and operated, -Supper friendly people!

Home Lots

The twenty home sites in the b-green Sustainable Development range in size from 900 sq m to 2000 sq m with an average of 1100 sq m, and are irregular in shape, marked in situ with ground level concrete and metal border markers (just as the total development boundaries are also sited). Each home site is accessible by two wheel drive roads, which are paved over a 15% grade. The development was planned to promote the ease of foot-access to local amenities and services. Private unobstructed views and conservation of natural topography was considered paramount in the layout of each of the lots and the green zones, and no lot will be sold without a “green” house constructed upon it, (no land speculators please).

Sustainability required the decision to forgo cookie cutter grid style and the 5000-sq m lot size that many local developers promote as “own a large lot”. The fact is the 5000m2 size is the minimum area the Costa Rican Government has established for sub-dividing land without installing roads, fire hydrants, sidewalks, underground utilities, sewage treatment, and metered water delivery system.  Hence, most developers get around critical infrastructure construction costs by selling the “large lots” and letting the buyers figure out on their own (or not) the critical infrastructure, such as; roads, water, electricity, phones, and web access.

·      No land-only sales.

·      All residential zone.  No B&B or commercial activities.

·      Community water system with back-up deep earth spring.

·      Once it’s needed, a gated community with night watchman at entrance.

Area plan, showing hotel and neighbors of b-green.org farm

Home Purchase Format

Turnkey home cost

·      We are in the design phase on several home models, and will offer them for sale as they are nearing completion. We offer totally finished and furnished homes topping out in the low $300’s at present.

Commissioning a home

·      While we are primarily focused on our own designs, we recognize the fact that many of the people interested in going green want to customize the home for their needs, thus  we offer the option of commissioning a home. However we use the word ‘commissioning’ because the level of service and the amount of time our team has allotted for working with the buyer is less than you would expect if simply contracting a designer architect who’s billing by the hour.

o   $50,000 deposit for commissioning the construction using one of ours or your own design-influenced  new home on a particular lot choice.

o   Remainder of home cost is Receipts and billed costs + 20% materials and labor and services billed monthly.

Homeowners Association: 

The b-green homeowners association is based on a condominium format and contains association codes and covenants typical of a condominium complex in the USA. The 16-page document which outlines the association codes and covenants can only be changed by approval of a majority of b-green.org owners.  It clearly and concisely defines good neighbor rules and common sense issues.  For example: no subdivision of land area, no construction of home additions or outbuildings, and no disruptive behaviors (i.e., excessively barking dogs or any crowing roosters) allowed. This document also outlines the monthly fees including homes utilities, annual insurance, and tax payments. Obviously, many points are covered in the 16-page document and all homeowners should review it thoroughly before accepting.

Property Management Service

LOSOL S.A., (100% owner  and operator of Hotel Tilawa for 16 years) provides you with quality-experienced administration at a low cost and with a proven track record, of responsible home management after purchase.

Monthly Maintenance Cost

Owning a home costs money, and while the b-green.org builders and design professionals have done everything possible to make the home efficient and inexpensive to own,  the grass will still grow and light maintenance and the heavy cleaning work will need to be done regularly.

Based on experience, labor costs and the management and access services that b-green.org has contracted from Hotel Tilawa, the rate of one hour of California USA minimum hourly wage, per calendar day was selected as being the optimum inflation adjusting rate. Doing the math its $7.50 X 30 days or  $225 per month that includes:

·      Pre paid contractual use of hotel infrastructure: pool, tennis court Jacuzzi etcetera, and a 10% discount on billed hotel services, for your friends and family.

·      Access to Hotel Tilawa 24 hour hotel staff, including response to help with emergencies.

·      Maintenance of homes (three hours per week) lawn/garden areas. 

·      Once a week maid -to clean and air out when the house is not occupied and three hours per week when occupied).

·      Solar and electrical systems check monthly.

·      Hotel Tilawa staff management of all billing: water, light, insurance, property tax, and owner absent maintenance emergency and general daily keeping an eye on things.

·      Twice a week trash pick up, and disposal.

NOTE. Each house utilities are on an individually metered service for electricity, and water. LP Gas is also individually purchased. Estimated (occupied $25 to $50) (unoccupied $15 to $20) per month.

Annual Home Costs:

·      Fire, flood, and earthquake insurance on your house. Estimated cost at 2% of 80% of home value.

·      Municipal property tax, .05% of your house value historically incredibly cheep $75 +/1 for a small house.

·      Christmas bonus payment, of 30 days X one California minimum wage hour. Note CR labor law requires the payment of 14.5 months salary for each 12months actually worked.

Legal Title To Your Home

With a purchase of a turnkey green home in this development the buyer owns more than just their home, they also own the company that owns the land that the house is built on. The home is yours or it’s who ever you sell it too or bequeath it too, period, no questions. It is yours based on legal facts and any one of them is sufficient to guaranty you the rights to it: #1 Buyers have a transferable right of occupancy and use, #2 Buyers have unimpeded and privet transferability to third persons at your discretion (who at that point would enjoy the same rights as owner) #3 A lease in buyers name registered in the public registry of Costa Rica alongside the title of the farm for the lot on which your house sits that is transferable. These are legal obligations that once interred into by the seller, cannot be rescinded or revoked or impeded in any way.

·      You and your neighbors/partners have the responsibility to pay your contractual obligations (monthly fee and utilities)

·      You can sell it whenever you want, because the shares and the lease contract, and the usufruct occupancy contracts are transferable.

·      You and the rest of the company owners vote, for changes, a majority must be in favor to affect any changes, however the lease of the lot as is the ownership of shears wholly and irrevocably yours, and cannot be changed only sold.

Tax & Liability Mitigation

·      The local municipality’s calculates annual property tax, on three aspects:

1)   Registered sale value of property at time of sale, and or any Costa Rica, Public Registry bank face value of a mortgage/lean on the land.

2)   Land and the Guanacaste Provincial College of Engineers, estimated cost of any structures on said property, as calculated for building permits.

Note:, b-green, homes and farm, is assessed at one of the lowest rates as that the property has a very low registered value. Additionally when we present building plans all of the expensive details are purposely and legally not included, so that’s low too.

·      Legal occupancy is the key, with your home occupancy contract in hand no lawyer in CR will even ask a judge about your rights- they will know the fact “contractual occupant has exclusive right to occupy the home””

·      All buyers’ property lease’s, are unavailable for responding for  litigated court judgments found against the company “leasing the property” –it’s not the company’s property anymore, in that legal sense -it’s the lessees.

·      Buyers don’t own the home; just the lease so any court judgments against the “occupant” cannot result in forfeiture of the property.

·      Homes are unacceptable to lenders as mortgage assets, in virtue of owner lacking right of occupancy and occupant lacking ability singe over the deed, no risk of bank forcloser on your neighbors, ever!