Welcome to B-green houses

Lifestyles are maximized by the communities and homes that we live in. A select few individuals actually have the ability to choose both the community and the home and we at b-green hope you chose to go green with us!

The focus of b-green is to use the finest of proven green technologies and sustainable construction practices. It’s a quality of life choice with the turn-key home ownership of a b-green Sustainable Home.

Considered in the design and construction of each home:

  • Maximize comfort and ease of living green to an art.
  • Beauty, style, functionality, and comfort apparent to all.
  • Build to human scale, considering wants & needs of occupants.
  • Homes of 1,000 - 2000 square feet (interior and exterior).
  • Build in clusters, while maintaining privacy and views.
  • Develop mixed land usage, including nature in the plan.
  • Minimize maintenance requirements and preclude waste.
  • Build walkways for accessibility to luxury and lifestyle -on foot.
  • Include redundancy in power and water systems.
  • Hybrid low and hi voltage for semi off grid electrical system.
  • Rainwater and gray water recovery and reuse systems.
  • Put the parking anywhere but in front.

Boomerang — Lot #1

The state-of-art Boomerang House was the first to be built in the b-green.org development. The home is 1000 square feet of art and architecture, integrating the smooth curved lines of an Australian boomerang with a custom “sunrise design” wood post & beam patio structure. This green home combines a copper standing seam roof with a living grass roof, like the walls, is built to a structural resistance of 8.0 on the Richter scale. One of many unique architectural features in the custom designed home. One of the most appealing are the  “Thomas Jefferson” style, auto French door, that in the opinion of all who have seen them, are “unique in the world”. Some of the other unique features are operable glass block ventilation windows, and glass block door/wall in the shower, to mention but a few of many attributes. Additionally it includes a detached 300 sq feet covered carport and storage room.

Status: For Sale $325,000

See Gallery of Boomerang House

BoxTop — Lot #3

The BoxTop home was commissioned by a long term Hotel Tilawa client who he provided b-green with a wish list of aspects he would like in a home and a general direction for the architectural style. The design team at b-green loved the challenge of the site, and the massive retaining wall it required us to hide in plane view. The two story modern home with significant volumes looks almost as if it were placed there by the hand of a giant. This 1000+ square foot home will also have a similar massive extruded C shaped carport, green roofs, Jefferson auto doors, grass deck and roof, with commercial plate glass walls, recessed wood floors and ceilings and playful jungle window screens that will have to be seen to believe.

Status: Under Contract

See Gallery of BoxTop House

! Exclamation point — Lot #2

The Exclamation point home is designed in the scaled shape of an ! and it will have a grass roof, over the whole of its shape and a covered back door patio area. The large floor to ceiling windows open the view into the jungle and access the patio, yet have heavy curtains hanging inside that completely wall off the view when one desires. The patio will have a glass wall railing and will jut out into the jungle. The house has one bedroom and one and a half bathrooms, although it could have a complete bedroom and bathroom included beneath the house and patio at this pre-construction period.

Mayan — Lot #4

The Mayan home is designed to have its master bedroom and bath sit comfortably apart from the rest of the house, settled into the completely surrounding jungle while accessing the main part of the house via an enclosed, glass walled, walk way. The kitchen living area like the bed and bath, has green grass roof with huge thick copper rain gutters and a almost Asian look to the pinned mortise and tendon stone like supports of the home.

Coming soon:

The Leaf house, The Caracol House, The Wedged House, The China House (a shipping container home)
and 11 more unique homes for this site in Costa Rica.